Three Card Spreads

Three card spreads are a great way to get short and direct guidance and they are a format that has long been popular in oracle and tarot card readings for this reason. You can easily make up your own three card readings for almost anything you wish. Below are just a few ideas for inspiration. How you choose to lay the the cards out in a spread is up to you, try a few different options and see what works for you or mix it up depending on what you feel best suits the energy flow of the reading. 

1. Maiden

2. Mother

3. Crone

1. Dawn

2. Noon

3. Dusk

1. Me

2. Them

3. Us

1. Physical/Body

2. Mental/Mind

3. Spiritual/Spirit


1. Home/Health

2. Work/Career

3. Relationship/Love

1. What I think

2. What I feel

3. What I know

1. Plant

2. Grow

3. Harvest

1. Welcome

2. Release

3. Focus

1. Opportunities

2. Challenges

3. Goals

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