Veleda Oracle is a one woman (and one dog) business. Creating indie designed and published tarot and oracle decks, art, and related products. I am also available to discuss freelance illustration work and tarot/oracle collaborations. 

You can get in touch here.


The Artwork 

All of my decks have been entirely illustrated by hand, by me, using a combination of both traditional and digital drawing.

I have been a practicing artist for many years and have worked in many different mediums, but currently mostly work with pen, ink, gouache and digital drawing.

There is no AI used in any of the Veleda decks past or present. I feel this is a necessary note to make, given the recent influx of those decks on the market and an overall lack of transparency around them.

Below is some further details on the art process behind the decks if you are interested:

The Veleda Oracle was hand drawn using ink and markers on paper (mostly prisma pens, but a mixture of brands) then each card was scanned in and the names were added digitally and they were tidied up for printing quality.

The main feature images of the Talisman Oracle were handdrawn using fineline pens, using line drawing and dotwork, then the black cloudy backgrounds and numbers were added digitally. (Sidenote, My dotwork days may sadly be nearing an end due to wrist problems).

My most recent deck, the Forest Lore Tarot was drawn using a combination of hand sketches, pen drawings and digital drawing.

Each deck was a true labour of love. With many if the cards bring redrawn multiple times to get them right for the deck. Each of the decks absolutely include a little bit of my soul.

The guidebooks were all written by me. They were then proof read by more qualified people. All historical, plantlore, folklore, animal facts and symbolism were heavily researched – and all are interests I have been passionate about for a long time.

I am not a writer by trade, but I hope that my shared thoughts and feelings and research on each card helps as a jumping point for you to interpret the decks in your own way. I always suggest that users try to include their own intuitive feelings of the cards into their readings as they get to know the decks.


My Tarot History 

I started reading tarot for personal use about 25 years ago. I had a couple of decks throughout those earlier years and dabbled on and off for a long while. Then about 10 years ago I delved deeper and studied the practice in depth and it has since then become regular practice for me. 


The person behind the work

Hi, I really do not like talking about myself publically. So I put this right down at the bottom here, where most people won't read it. I am only including this so people know I'm not a robot.

In brief; I grew up in a forest in the National Parks in Wales (UK). I try to live a quiet and slow life. I spend as much time as I can in woods and forests or by the sea. I take a lot of unecessary photos of leaves. I draw a lot, and always have. Art and nature have always been my consistant comforts in life. I have also always been very interested in, and drawn to, folklore, witchcraft, and mystic symbolism. I like learning weird facts and researching things that I stumble across in daily life. My dog is always by my side, he's the cutest thing about me. I am absolutely an introvert and in general feel more comfortable around animals or trees than people. I had many different jobs when I was younger, a lot them soul crushing, haha, I always made art alongside them in an attempt to keep myself somewhat sane. I have moved around a lot (more than I'd like). I am now attempting to settle in one place and to spend as much of my time creating and connecting with nature as I can. 

I am the eldest of three sisters and am a Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon.



You can find me on Instagram as @Veleda Oracle I'm happy to connect, so do come and say hi. (Occasionally the account is set to private if I've had an influx of those weird fake spam/ image theft accounts that week, but please just follow request and I'll accept!)

If you have any enquiries relating to an order or shipping or anything business related or remotely urgent please always email those enquiries, as I they will be prioritised time wise.


♡ Thank you so much to each of you who have ever purchased anything from me! As a very small business I cannot even express how much of a difference you make! I am so grateful for every order I get, and eternally flattered to see you working with and enjoying my decks.