It was very important when producing the Oracle decks to factor in the environmental effects of printing and resources. The especially nature lead inspiration behind this deck made this an obvious factor to consider. The decks are all printed by an eco friendly artisan company. The entire operation is powered by solar energy. The papers used are from CE certified European paper mills and the inks used are of food level.

Veleda Oracle believes strongly in avoiding unnecessary plastic waste in packaging. There is n cellophane wrap or band on the decks or tuckbox. The packaging peanuts used to ship your Veleda Oracle items safely to you are 100% Plastic Free, biodegradable and compostable. They are made from vegetable starch. The packaging tape used is plastic free when possible and the cardboard boxes are recyclable. Postcard sets are packaged with string rather than in cellophane bags.

The environmental impact is something I hope to improve on further in the future. I am sure that there are further changes that can be made. Veleda Oracle is a one person run business and I am currently doing what I can within the resources I have available, whilst continuing to research into the best options. If you have any good tips or for eco friendly packaging, printing or shipping companies I am always happy to hear your suggestions if you get in touch.

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