• Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes. International shipping is available for most countries. Unfortunately this shop no longer ships to certain areas due to consistent and repeated issues experienced with the mail carriers/customs departments in those places. You can find a list of countries not shipped to and all further shipping information on the Shipping & Policies page.

  • Why don't you ship to Australia?

  • This shop does not currently ship to Australia because during 2020 the Australian custom's department has been brutal with our deliveries. Earlier this year a significant percentage of decks sent to Australia got opened for checks by customs, they then got thrown back into the box, unwrapped with padding thrown out and zero care to re protect the items. We then received some incredibly accusatory and unnecessarily aggressive emails from some of the customers affected - presuming this was how badly we had shipped their decks. A lot of money was lost replacing or refunding Australian orders. The whole experience was unpleasant as obviously it is upsetting for us when decks arrived ruined (as well as incredibly costly) - So at this time it is unfortunately not worth while shipping to Australia for us. We may reassess this decision in the future. 

  • A certain product isn't in stock, when will it be back?

  • There are no plans to reprint the Veleda Woods Tarot deck. Paperback guidebooks were limited edition and will not be remade or restocked. There is no date currently set for the next printing of the Veleda Oracle deck (although it will likely be reprinted at some point)

  • Can I have a free deck? - No​.

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