What is this?

The Veleda Oracle is a 63 card full-colour deck designed to be used to harness and enhance your intuition, give you that extra nudge of guidance and to help you reflect on the world around you in a magical and mindful way.

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The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions of The Veleda Oracle deck have now sold out.

There were a few minor changes between different editions, the main being that

there were 9 bonus brand new additional cards added to the 3rd edition of the deck,

which will remain for future editions.

Pictured below are the 9 new cards added to the 3rd edition of the Veleda Oracle deck.

How do they work?

The Veleda Oracle is designed in a way to encourage your own intuition. Through the use of the chosen colours, imagery, symbolism, and words users of this deck can learn to add their own meanings and feelings to it. Based on their personal connection with the individual cards.

There is no right or wrong way to use this deck! You don't need to know anything about oracle cards to start using them. You can also find a full card guide below for further insight into each card for extra guidance. 

 Any tarot spreads can also be used with Oracle cards, you can also find a link to some spreads further down the page.

Here are a few of the many different ways you can use oracle cards:

  • A tool for personal development.

  • To harness and enhance your intuition.

  • To give you that extra nudge of guidance.

  • To help you reflect on the world around you in a mindful and more magical way.

  • To help sort through and give some order to your thoughts.

  • As a divination device or spiritual conductor.

  • Pull an individual card as a focus for your daily energy.​

  • Use in simple or in depth spreads .

  • They can also be used alongside tarot cards to add further clarity or guidance to a reading.

  • Use them in meditation.

  • Incorporate them into your spells or magic.

  • Or just enjoy the images if they make you happy.

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