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Forest Lore Tarot

  • Forest Lore Tarot



The Forest Lore Tarot is a 78 card fully illustrated, independently produced tarot deck. Each deck comes with a detailed physical guidebook.

In this deck the Major Arcana makes up the base structure of the forest; these cards feature the trees and fungi that have been around for many years and the deep wisdom and rich symbolism they hold within them.
The exploration of the Minor Arcana is guided by some of the forest’s diverse inhabitants. These cards feature the creatures dwelling within the forest, each leading its daily life with its distinct joys, challenges, and encounters along the way.

Each Minor Arcana suit is represented by a different group of forest animals
Pentacles = Mammals, Swords = Birds, Wands = insects, Cups = water creatures.


•Size: Traditional Tarot card size: 70mm x 120mm
•Card stock: 320gsm smooth finish casino-grade playing card board. Triple Ply Construction, With 100% Opaque Black Centre. Developed specifically for the creation of tarot cards. The cards exceptionally easy to handle and really easy to shuffle and fan.
•Tuckbox: 380gsm smooth box material.
•Guidebook: A6 /10 x 15 cm. 130gsm silk paper.
•200 page guide, featuring detailed card explanations, keywords, animal/tree symbolism, and some further notes on the deck and reading tarot.
•Decks are printed locally in the UK.

If you have any questions before purchasing please get intouch on the contact page. (International shipping available).


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This is an independently designed and produced deck, illustrated by the artist of the Veleda Oracle deck, the Veleda Woods Tarot deck and the Talisman Oracle. Locally produced in small batches. This is the first edition of the Forest Lore Tarot deck (2023).