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SECONDS - Pendant

  • SECONDS - Pendant

This listing is for a SECONDS pendant - Meaning these necklaces didn't quite meet the quality control fully, but are still cute and wearable!

• These pendants have very minor imperfections, in the form of slightly raised enamel or tiny scratches on the metal. Noticeable on close inspection but not when worn.

– Hense the hugely discounted price! (Reduced from £20)

This enamel pendant is based on the moth imagery of the 'Guide' card from the Veleda Oracle deck.
By wearing this charm you can carry a piece of the oracle with you wherever you go! This moth symbolises finding your way in the darkness, and acts as reminder of your own inner wisdom and guidance.


•Charm measures: 35mm in length. Oval shaped.
•Gold plated (nickel free) hard enamel.
•Chain (included) measures: 20inch /51cm.
•Each pendant comes with a small illustrated card with some oracle wisdom and encouragement on the back.


**You can see more pictures of this on the GALLERY page**

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Seconds items are non refundable.