Talisman Oracle Deck

  • Talisman Oracle Deck

*** LOW STOCK REMAINING – This deck is no longer in print, so this is the last chance! Once these are gone that's it. ***

Talisman; An object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune; something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects, thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.


Featuring 50 illustrated oracle cards (+ 4 guide cards),
The Talisman Oracle deck explores the symbolism of our every day talismans, our good luck charms our comfort objects. The items we pin to our jackets and hang on our key chains, a silent armour carried with us as we go about our day to day. Items and symbols that people often carry with them, tucked away in a pocket or purse, or displayed on a bedroom shelf or office desk. Items that bring a small sense of comfort or familiarity to their owner. Using the symbolism around these different charms and every day objects we can perhaps meditate on what we are currently seeking. This deck can be used the same way as any oracle deck; you can use it in any spreads designed for oracle or tarot cards, or pull an individual card to focus on throughout the day or use alongside another tarot or oracle deck for larger spreads, there are no rules.

The 4 extra cards included contain multiple key words for each of the cards. These can be used as a jumping off point to help you to interpret the deck initially, however over time you will likely attune to finding your own messages within the cards you pull as they develop their own personal meanings to you and your life specifically.


• 50 Oracle card
• +4 Guide/Keyword cards
•Cards measure: 62mm x 100mm
(Trump card size - Smaller than a standard tarot size)
•320gsm linen finish casino grade playing card.
•Symmetrical backs with one design.
•Smooth finish tuck box and black velvet pouch.


This is an independently designed and produced deck, hand illustrated by the artist of the Veleda Oracle deck and the Veleda Woods Tarot deck. Locally produced in small batches. This is the first print edition of the Talisman Oracle deck (2023).

♡ I wanted this deck to have the overall feel and mood of something odd and mysterious, to be found buried in a box at the back of an old junk shop. Nobody knows how it got there or where it was before, just that now it is to be your companion and somehow it has messages for you.

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